Tele-consultation service

Tele-consultation service is available upon request. This will be conducted according to the SMC’s Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines on Telemedicine and the National Telemedicine Guidelines.

Please note that:

  1. Tele-consultation is available only for patients who have had physical consultations in our clinic before (that is, with prior medical records in our clinic).
  2. Tele-consultation is not suitable for emergency consults (e.g. chest pain, breathing difficulties, recurrent vomiting, severe abdominal pain). 
  3. If you require urgent medical attention, please call 995 or visit your nearest clinic or A&E.
  4.  Minors should be seen with their parent/guardian.
  5. There are limitations of Virtual Consultation without a physical examination.
  6. There will be an additional $10.00 delivery fee for patients who opt to have their medications delivered to their houses after a tele-consultation. Delivery service is available only for houses which are located within a 3 kilometre radius of the clinic. Please note that this delivery fee is not claimable under the PG/MG/CHAS chronic disease scheme.
  7. Prescriptions for medications will not be sent to you by online means. They should be collected directly from the clinic.

To request for a tele-consultation, click here to enter our online form first.