Medical Services

·helping infertile couples achieve pregnancy, using principles in Naprotechnology

·helping fertile couples space their babies, using modern, natural and effective methods of family planning

  • Treatment of acute illnesses for patients of all ages
  • Treatment of chronic illnesses (eg high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol)
  • Health Screening (Blood tests, Urine tests, Stool test)
  • Vaccinations for babies
  • Developmental assessment for babies
  • Vaccinations for Seniors (including Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccinations claimable from Medisave for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents 65 years old and above)
  • Vaccinations for students and adults 
  • Electrocardiogram to check on the heart
  • Driving licence screening
  • Eye testing
  • Work permit screening (for both application and renewal)
  • Medical screening for social visit passes
  • Medical check up for Domestic Helpers
  • Surgical removal of lumps and bumps
  • Treatment of viral warts using Histofreeze

Health Screening Packages:

We offer a range of health screening packages, depending on your needs and medical history.

The following are available:

  • General Health Screening
  • Premarital Health Screening
  • Screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol

For enquiries and appointments, please call us at 64588596.