With effect from 19 May 2020, MediSave and CHAS will be extended to cover prescription refills for conditions under the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) that are delivered and collected on patients’ behalf.

Patients who opt for delivery and/or collection of prescription refills without consultation must have had at least one consultation (whether in-person or via video consultation VC) within the past six months, and one in-person consultation within the past one year for review of the chronic conditions for which medications are being refilled.

Any delivery charge will remain non-claimable. This extension will not apply to medications for CHAS Acute conditions, given that acute conditions are more likely to require a physical examination for adequate medical assessment.

Patients and their authorised persons will be required to fill in the Letter of Authorisation (LOA) for the collection of prescription refills on their behalf. Each LOA will be limited to one visit date, and valid only on the date specified in the LOA. Other LOAs such as a handwritten LOA may also be used, provided that the same details are furnished within the LOA.

When collecting the prescription refills at the clinic, the authorised person should present:


b. his/her own personal identification card/document;

c. the patient’s personal identification card/document; and

d. the patient’s CHAS/Merdeka Generation (MG)/Pioneer Generation (PG) card (if applicable).

You may wish to print the LOA using the picture below or the template at the bottom of this page, and fill this form first before coming to the clinic. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.


Letter of Authorisation for Collection of Prescription Refills under the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) and/or the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)

With effect from 19 May 2020, in appropriate cases, CDMP/CHAS patients may authorise individuals to collect prescription refills for their chronic conditions on their behalf.

CDMP/CHAS patients and their authorised persons are required to fill in this letter of authorisation, which should be presented to the clinic during collection. The original (i) personal identification card or document (including NRIC/Student ID/Birth Certificate) and CHAS/MG/PG cards (where applicable) of both the CDMP/CHAS patient and the authorised person must also be presented to the clinic during collection.

Section A: For CDMP/CHAS patient’s acknowledgement

I, _________________________ [name of CDMP/CHAS patient] authorise _________________________ [name of authorised person] to collect prescription refills for my chronic conditions on my behalf on __________ [DD/MM/YYYY]. I agree that he/she will be responsible for ensuring that the medication is safely delivered to me.

Section B: For authorised person’s acknowledgement

I, _________________________ [name of authorised person] declare that I have been authorised by _________________________ [name of CDMP/CHAS patient] to collect his/her prescription refills on his/her behalf on __________ [DD/MM/YYYY]. I agree to the following:

i. to pay the bills in relation to the prescription refills (after MediSave/CHAS subsidies have been applied) on the CDMP/CHAS patient’s behalf;

ii. to check that I have collected the right medication for the CDMP/CHAS patient and safely deliver the medication to him/her; and

iii. to indemnify the CDMP/CHAS clinic and/or the Government against all losses, expenses, costs, damages and liabilities that may be suffered or incurred by the clinic/Government arising out of or in connection with any false declaration or improper conduct on my part.

Signature & NRIC No. of CDMP/CHAS Patient:

Signature & NRIC No. of authorised person: